Strategies of Non-Intention: John Cage...

By: William Anastasi, Dove Bradshaw, John Cage, Tom...

July, 2014

Anastasi, Bradshaw, Cage, Marioni, Rauschenberg, and Tobey 1990/2014.

Anastasi, Bradshaw, Cage, Marioni, Rauschenberg, Tobey: Imitating Nature in Her Manner of Operation was curated by artist, Dove Bradshaw at Sandra Gering Gallery in 1990. John Cage was interviewed by Richard Kostelanetz for an accompanying catalogue describing their methods as embodying “non-intention.”

The 2014 exhibition Strategies of Non-Intention: John Cage and Artists He Collected: Anastasi, Bradshaw, Cage, Marioni, Rauschenberg, and Tobey 1990/2014 was returned to by Bradshaw with the artists represented by different works. Focusing on each method, Bradshaw wrote the essay for a fully illustrated catalogue that included a republication of the first.

A DVD was exhibited of each artist either creating work for the exhibition, or a related work. Set to Cage’s In a Landscape,” Rauschenberg commented about his Transfers, “I use this method for maximum lack of control.” Anastasi uses the word, “blind;” Marioni, that his work is like “doing yoga with a pencil.” Tobey tries to “subvert his unconscious” while Bradshaw uses nature and chemistry. “If you use Chance Operations the implication is that every answer is good,” Cage stated. The DVD accompanies the catalogue when acquired through the gallery.

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